The groundwork for Kalevala Jewelry's long history in charity was laid in the middle of the 1930s when writer Elsa Heporauta and other influential women started their plans to erect a statue for the Finnish woman. To fund the project, women decided to manufacture and sell copies of  old viking era jewelry from the collections of the National Museum of Finland. The funds were raised successfully and Kalevala Jewelry was founded. But what was important in terms of charity was the way these first funds were used. The Winter War started and the womens' association decided to use the money for helping the needy during the war. Mother Homes were founded, places of rest for mothers with large families. Many orphanages and temporary homes for war evacuees from Karelia also received support during the war. 

The charity tradition started during the wars still continues today. The sales proceeds from charity jewelry help important projects to succeed. And as a valued and trusted brand Kalevala Jewelry can work to help important issues to get the publicity and attention needed.

You can help also - by buying our charity items! A part of the sales proceeds from all the following jewelry items is donated to a selected charity.

The following charity items are currently available :

Cross of Friendship Pendant

With the Cross of Friendship Kalevala Jewelry supports the volunteer activities carried out by the Suurella Sydämellä (Big Heart) program of the Finn Church Domestic Aid. The activities focus on care for those close to us. The Suurella Sydämellä (Big Heart) service helps care givers and those who need care find each other.

Support the work of the Suurella Sydämellä (Big Heart) program:
Buy the Cross of Friendship Pendant »


Precious Sunshine Charm

Part of the sales proceeds will be donated to Save the Children organization, which is fighting for children’s rights in order to immediately and permanently improve children’s lives in Finland and all over the world. 

Support the work of Save the Children organization:
Buy Precious Sunshine Charm »


Necklace and earrings

Helsinki Children’s Hospital provides the most specialized medical treatment for children in Finland. The current premises built in the 1940’s have become out-of-date, calling for a new hospital. Kalevala Jewelry supports the project by donating part of Sheltered jewelry’s sales proceeds to the New Children’s Hospital 2017 association. The small patients and the dedicated staff treating them deserve a new, modern hospital building.

Support the New Children's Hospital:
Buy Sheltered necklace »
Buy Sheltered earrings »


Child Charm

The birth of a child rocks our world and blows our minds. Parents,grandparents and godparents will want to commemorate this miracle of joy. A piece of jewllery speaks in an ancient global language. A perfect gift to those rejoicing the birth of a child is this barrel-shaped charm in gold or silver. Part of the proceeds will be donated to Save the Children organization, which is fighting for children’s rights in order to immediately and permanently improve children’s lives in Finland and all over the world. Choose between red and blue stones to celebrate the birth of a girl or a boy.

Support the work of Save the Children organization:
Buy Child Charm »


The Chain of Generations

The chain of generations is eternal. This piece of jewelry conveys the concept in its own timeless language. The hearts in the gold or silver mount symbolize a new member in the chain of generations. Part of the sales proceeds will be donated to the Finnish Brain Foundation which supports and advances, in many different ways, research and education related to the wellbeing of the human brain for the benefit of a long and happy coexistence of generations.

Support the work of the Finnish Brain Foundation:
Buy The Chain of Generations Charm »


Other charity items no longer in production:

2015 Pink Ribbon jewelry, supporting the Cancer Foundation's Pink Ribbon fund-raising activity

2009 Gravity, supporting the Women's Bank

2007 Sea, supporting the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation (for cleaner Baltic Sea)

2006 Afrikan aika, supporting girls' education in Ghana

2002 Lily, jewelry for the 85th anniversary of Finland's independence, supporting the women's division of the Finnish War Veterans' Association

1990s Luvajärvi jewelry, supporting Unesco's cultural project to revive villages in White Karelia


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Kalevala Jewelry

Kalevala Kory Oy (Kalevala Jewelry) is one of the largest jewelry manufacturers in northern Europe. The company designs, manufactures and markets high-quality gold, silver and bronze jewelry, and owns two high-level consumer brands: Kalevala Jewelry and Lapponia Jewelry.

Recycled gold and silver

Our production uses recycled gold and silver. Environmentally-friendly production is a core value at Kalevala Jewelry.

Made in Finland

All Kalevala Jewelry products are designed and manufactured in Finland and the production favors local raw materials.