Evolution Series by Nightwish

Evolution Series by Nightwish

Evolution Series by Nightwish

The EVOLUTION SERIES BY NIGHTWISH is a collaboration between the Finnish jewelry company Kalevala Jewelry and the band Nightwish. Since spring 2015, Nightwish’s lead singer, the Dutch soprano Floor Jansen, has been a face for Kalevala Jewelry. In the autumn 2015 the collaboration was taken one step further with the launch of the jewelry collection Evolution Series by Nightwish, created together with the band.

The new jewelry collection accompanies the theme of the rich diversity of life – as on Nightwish’s album Endless Forms Most Beautiful. It is something that the band’s founder, musician Tuomas Holopainen, emphasizes in the collaboration.
“From the start, it was important for the band that when we start to create a jewelry collection it should in some way reflect the theme of our new album. The message on the album is associated with the endless variety of all living things on our planet: we are one, made out of the same DNA, of the same matter. It’s an extremely beautiful and humbling fact, which we wish to bring out in the album. The same theme is also present in the new jewelry collection.”

The Evolution Series by Nightwish collection includes two different silver pendants and a bracelet. The larger pendant has been inspired by the form of the fossil of the ancient marine animal, the ammonite. The smaller pendant echoes the spiral form of DNA.

The collection is available here in Kalevala Jewelry's online store as well as in the Nightwish shop

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